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Noises from the farthest of ends of the universe, coming as one into an embodiment of pure sounds and vibrant melodies that cause your, body, and soul to act is a combined driven machine to dance off the evils in this world. Creating a catastrophe on the dance floor and to drown out the sorrows of the fallen. This unknown entity will cleanse you. The very being will force you to breathe in a new dawn within every beat of the drum. Coming from humble beginnings, Nigma has brought unforgettable music and vibes when he gets on to perform from small house parties to big stages. Showcasing his first big NYC debut at Hard Bass Massive 4 and going on to bring the heat at world renown clubs like Slake. His journey started with an adventure to a forest, at the young age of 14, where he first the sweet psychedelic sounds of Psytrance. Where the basslines grooved him and he had a vision of not only enjoying but procuring impeccable sounds reminding us of technological and spiritual power combined to move us with a force we cant see, cant smell, cant taste, cant touch, but can only hear to feel the essence of true psychedelia.


PsyTech (Original Mix)

Snooze (Original Mix)

The French Man (Original Mix)