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Xavier (Mathew DeSilva) a 17 year old rapper/singer from East Flatbush, Brooklyn knew that music would someday be his life from the very moment he picked up drum sticks at the age of 7. Always desiring a life with Hip Hop at the very center, he settled early and practiced vigorously to master the art of poetry and rhyming phrases that silenced anybody who opposed his success. Being at his very worst in 2012 after nearly losing everything to poverty, there was a stage of depression where music was the only way to get through a day. Hip Hop was not only seen as a profession to him, but also as an angel. Thinking deeply, contemplating whether to really pursue the limelight, an undying passion for hip hop and making his loved ones proud kept him from ever stopping, as facing all odds at what had seemed to be rock bottom was the worst thing to ever happen. With this being said, after leaving the microphone for about a year, X came back to music production stronger, smarter, and more ambitious. Some would even say he had a fire that was so bright, that anybody would feel his presence in the same room from the moment he walked in. "The feeling of having someone angry at me, because I was in a better position was a feeling that no word could ever describe, but then again it was one I could never understand." He made it clear where he stood in the race to live his dreams. Standing tall after living through dark moments of his life, some would say a young man shouldn't be so wise and collected, but without a doubt Xavier is an ambitious young hip hop artist who is finally seeing light. "They always said if I desired success as badly as I needed to breathe, I'd be successful. But it’s done come to a point where my breath comes second to my desire of my success." - X




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