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THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! Please keep voting! This will be a DREAM COME TRUE for all of us. After several failed musical projects, Francisco J. Paz { Singer / Guitarist / Songwriter } grew tired of his bands quitting on themselves for one reason or another, only to be left without any songs or any sense of direction. After about a year of songwriting and searching for musicians, he came across an old friend-Robbie Mendoza-with whom he had shared a few good times in his teenage years. Robbie Mendoza had stopped playing for the same reasons, and quickly decided to become the drummer for the band. In a month's time, they had four songs in the works. Now in need of a studio to record what would eventually become their first 6 song EP, Paz continued his search. A friend suggested they try a brand new studio which, even though it had just opened for business, was very highly recommended. After being introduced to Jerry Ramos { Engineer/ Owner of Mercury Recording Studio in Rutherford,NJ }, the band walked in and began recording what would become their first single! {Brothers} Brothers received a huge response from the few fans they had at the time. The boys had found their home! Now they were ready to seek out the missing pieces to complete their lineup. After what seemed an endless search (guitarists) Jeff Anthony, Eddie Brakowski, and (Bassist) Ethan Murphy came into the picture. They were the missing links, and brought the feeling of completion to an already hardworking and determined group of musicians. After a long year of searching and putting together pieces of what had begun as "Paz's Project", it became what it is today-a band of brothers pouring their hearts and souls into their music. The band was named Apostrophes do to the extremely personal lyrics in their songs. Lyrics based on Paz's personal life and views on the failures of humanity. That could've, would've, might've that we have all left behind in our moments of weakness. Our Apostrophes. \m/



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