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The word RONIN brings thoughts of the Japanese culture, leaderless Samurai, wanderers with no home, or maybe even car chases involving Robert De Niro. The meaning of “wave man” (Ronin in English terms) is the common ground amongst David, Stone, Matt, Mayhem, Andrew, and Thomas in the advent of the band RONIN. ​Born from the remaining embers of Scarlet Carson and Life Without Warning/Statik Silence, these musicians were once part of a something had a future beyond the typical music industry landscape. Collectively as individuals they have shared the stage in the past with notable acts such as Papa Roach, Shinedown, Halestorm, Godsmack, Motley Crue, Buckcherry, Sevendust, Paramore, RED, Saving Abel, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Incubus, Bon Jovi, Foo Fighters, All That Remains, Steel Panther, and Fuel to name a few; alongside singles that span across the internet airwaves of iHeart Radio to your local Greater Media radio station. These six warriors have the experience, charisma, and musicianship to bring their now revitalized efforts above and beyond their past endeavors and pave a road straight down the throat of the record business. The rich, powerful vocals of David coupled with the melodic, metal and blues infused guitars of Stone build the foundation to compliment the classic rock stylings of Matt and thrash, funk blends of Mayhem.​ Thomas adds dynamic with his aggressive, yet perfectly placed accents to bring new dimension to the rhythm section, while the coloration and overtones Andrew provides on the keys rounds out the spectrum. From the beginning to the end of every song you are captivated by emotion and imagery only Shakespeare could write about or Van Gogh could paint. United they now stand with a purpose and a place. There is a W.A.R. Coming... We are the warriors, We Are RONIN.





"Rise" live from The Starland Ballroom

"Breaking Down Acoustic"