Glitch Matrix

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Glitch Matrix is a progressive house DJ and production duo based out of NY/NJ, made up of two longtime friends and fans of dance music. Two years ago, we decided to follow this dream of making the music we love and here we are. Since then we have played the Beyond Wonderland festival in Southern California, won Insomniac's Discovery Project competition, hit the top ten on Beatport's House Releases chart, and had several tracks signed to labels for release. We have played gigs from NYC to Cali, and now we hope to bring our sound to Electric Adventure in AC!


System Failure (Original Mix)

Raise Your Weapon (Glitch Matrix Remix)

I'll Be Your World (Original Mix)


Glitch Matrix - [Podcast] Sonic Sessions Vol. I by Glitch Matrix

Glitch Matrix - Live Set From Beyond Wonderland by Glitch Matrix


Glitch Matrix Live at Beyond Wonderland

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