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My name is Truc Trinh born, raised, and living in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I come from Hip-Hop background where I've been B-boying for over 4 years, dabbled in graffiti, so it is only natural that I gravitate towards DJing as it is one of the aspects of the Hip-Hop culture. Being a dancer and having tons of DJ and producer friends to spoil me, it allowed my ears to be fine tuned to what I feel is an exceptional musical palette. I have been a part of Atlantic City's longest running weekly electronic music night called FML Thursdays where Electro, House, Dubstep, Jersey Club, Moombahton, Trap and etc have been played, the list goes on. FML Thursdays has been around since 2011 and has had countless amounts of talented guest DJs in the past. I've done it all, promoting, flyering, and currently a resident DJ for that night. I think it's funny that everyone is talking about coming to Atlantic City to give it a show it'll never forget, when ironically I'm a native to where this event is being held. I felt it is only necessary that I represent my hometown to show everyone the product of my surroundings. FML x Art Before Crime x All In One Crew from the 215 to the 609 I'm out here.



Musho's Required Radio Guest Mix by Musho


Musho at FML Thursdays