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Hello, my name is Max. I've always had a passion for art ever since I was young; though my love for music had been non-existent all the way up until I was about 13, when I opened the gates to house music heaven. Like a child in a candy shop, I explored the internet for new artists and tracks and came across the UKF Dubstep Youtube channel, which is where my addiction to bass music began, and my best friend and I began producing and dj-ing. Ever since I started I haven't been able to stop, and the only words of advice that I've received are "find a realistic career". My goal is to prove that the unlikely is possible; I let my tracks and mixes speak for themselves. Aliases: Lonely Crime- Indie/Experimental/Chill/Electronica LOCRI- Bass music (Dubstep/Trap/Drum 'n' Bass/etc) LC98- Techno/House (Tech/Acid/Minimal/etc)